Recommended Resources
Suunto Tandem - The must-have tool for every uplinker to have in their pocket to use on site surveys, and accurately check antenna alignment - click here for more details. (Available from our Online Store)
Satellite Newsgathering - The title says it all, the definitive book on the subject, there is no other book like it (apart from Introduction to SNG & ENG Microwave) - click here for more details. (Available from our Online Store)
Introduction to SNG & ENG Microwave - Excellent basic primer on the subject, not quite so in-depth as Satellite Newsgathering, aimed at college level students who want an introduction to the overall subject - click here for more details. (Available from our Online Store)
Satmaster Pro from Arrowe is a software application for satellite link budget calculation, antenna aiming, dual feed spacing and sun outage prediction. We use it in our business and highly recommend it to others - also used by a number of satellite operators for their customer calculations.

Note that we offer training in link budgets, and particularly in the use of Satmaster Pro - if you require details
Recommended Links
Lyngsat - The universal resource for identifying TV and radio signals on satellites around the geostationary arc.
Dishpointer - Online tool for satellite location and antenna pointing using Google Maps. Also offered as an app for the Android and iPhone OS smartphones.
Satbeams - Online tool for determining satellite beam coverage of a particular location.
Online Satellite Calculations is just what it says - a site offering a very wide range of satellite calculations.